ABN AMRO organizes the Agile Summer School 2018 for the third time. This event aims to share knowledge that their employees can use to work even more Agile. Agile has been the way of work for some time now, but there is always room for improvement.

During the retrieval of interesting topics among the employees, a question came up for Growth Hacking – also known as Agile Marketing. It was up to us to work this out – a pleasure.


Within ABN AMRO there is already plenty of Agile work and all roles within Scrum are divided. Weekly product sprints are done as well. But how do you align the product owner, scrum masters and different types of developers with the online marketing specialists? So how do you test certain elements of product or service in the market? To save money and time. Without losing momentum.

The need is to get a general Growth Hacking perspective in connection with Agile. And how the employees could use that in their daily work. Thereby, it’s a nice bonus if they can exercise with something practical.


The Growth Hacking training sessions, provided by BAMMBOO, were divided into two sessions this year. In a morning session of 3 hours, the first acquaintance with Growth Hacking was made. The basic principles, method, process, and mindset were discussed during this session. This way, the group learned about the current context and market and the role of Growth Hacking. In addition, the Innovation Life Cycle and the AARRR funnel were discussed. During the training, the group had to carry out short assignments to gain immediate insight into where they could achieve growth themselves through the use of Growth Hacking principles and working methods.

During the afternoon session, an Advanced Growth Hacking session was organized. This training went much more into detail on the Growth Hacking principles and the entire process. During this training, the participants worked on a case in groups. Through a creative session, the Growth Model Template and the completion of the Experiment Design Canvas, they learned to apply the Growth Hacking principles hands-on. They learned to take action in just 3 hours!


The participants of the Growth Hacking session have all gained a new energy and a new mindset. The training sessions were experienced as real eye-openers and many recognized that working according to the Growth Hacking principle would cause a real disruption in existing teams and structures. Nevertheless, they were enormously motivated to start using this and to get their colleagues to join them.

Participants in the Growth Hacking training indicated that this was a very suitable way to test new propositions, products or communication in a quick way. They could not wait to continue this way of working in the current way of working … Of course, that is not so easy. But, the first steps were taken!

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