Flight Claim is a service who helps travellers with their travel claims. Whenever a traveller experiences a delay or cancellation in their travel schedule, Flight Claim can help them by contacting the airline and claiming the compensation they deserve.


Flight Claim really wants to service their clients and always want to be available when needed. To service their clients even better and to increase their visibility, Flight Claim asked Bammboo to improve their overall appearance, visibility and targeting. To reach this goal several aspects of Flight Claim needed to be optimized, one important building block was Google Ads optimization.

In a period of 9 months and 3 sprints, several building blocks of Flight Claim where optimized. Starting with the first sprint. Starting this first sprint with a Growth Model Template session. In this session the Proposition, Persona, Goals, Learnings, Channel Fit and Metrics where discussed. This was now the starting point for the whole trajectory. Besides the GMT session, a Growth Audit was done. Looking at several technical aspects of Flight Claim, such as SEO, UX, Link Building, but also SEA, Social and the Customer Journey.These first sessions helpt giving direction and made clear where to optimize.
During sprint 1 the focus was on getting the basis in order, such as tracking, cookie consent, goal settings etc. Later on the focus in this sprint was on improving the layout and UX of the website, improving SEO and optimizing and learning from Google Ads.

During sprint 2 the main focus was learning even more from Google Ads and implementing the learning from sprint 1. In this sprint we also experimented with Dynamic adverting, which was really interesting.

During sprint 3 the main focus was optimizing the website even more, creating more relevant content, building SEO and optimizing and learning even more from Google Ads. In this sprint we experimented with Dynamic Remarketing and also with airline specific landing pages.


The 3 sprints with Flight Claim resulted in having a greatly set-up basis and good tracking. We also gave insight on what the Value Proposition of Flight Claim is and who their true customer is. Besides that, all relevant aspects of Flight Claim where revised and optimized, we designed wireframes and gave advice about improving the overall UX and Content, we gave advise and hands-on support on how to improve the overall SEO, this all to really build a strong brand position. Further, we gave Flight Claim advise on how to further improve the brand and how to follow-up the executed sprints.

Looking at the data, we learned that younger people (18-34 years old) are a really interesting target group for Flight Claim. We also learned that several keywords where most effective and resulted in the highest conversion rates. Besides that, we learned that Dynamic Remarketing is a really good way of targeting the target audience.


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"I am really happy with Dionee. She is really a rockstar !!! Average benchmark in legal CTR is 1.3 and she simply ticks the 5. And she knows exactly how to put me to work. So that's good too."

Douwe WesterHead of Venture Collaboration & Growth - Legal Tech Studio at ARAG Rechtsbijstand