The APP ‘Before You Leave was created for people who desired to share their life story or want to have conversations with relatives that are near the end of their lives. The App has already been shown valuable to users. Yet, DELA wants to test whether the App Before You Leave is used as intended.


DELA has already implemented the Agile way of working and all SCRUM roles a assigned. DELA even works with weekly product sprints. A collaboration with Bammboo was started to find out whether the application was used as intended. Other goals were to find out which proposition was right for Before You Leave and whether the Application continues to meet all expectations.


Both teams worked together throughout the whole sprint. They started with an Intake and Growth Audit, where a baseline was set and served as starting point for the next phase, which was the Growth Model Template session. In this session, Persona’s were formulated, the Customer Journey was mapped out, relevant channels were chosen and metric were formulated. As a result of doing the session, all bottlenecks and opportunities were discoverd. After the GMT session, both qualitative and quantiative research was conducted. The reserach findgings, together with the results from the GMT session, were the basis on which different experiments were performed.


The trajectory with DELA Before You Leave has provided many valuable insights. Persona’s were formulated, the propositions was sharpened and the market’s needs were discoverd. Beside these insights, signifcant growth has been realized. For example, DELA achieved 360% more interaction with the App and the app was downloaded 3370 times in just 1.5 weeks (where  800 app installs were achieved in 1 month). The costs per install have also decreased considerably, from 1.69 – 9.50 to 0.51 euros per app install (Facebook campaign app install).

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We collected interesting insights together during the Growth Model Template strategic session. Furthermore, experiments were set up professionally and with proper time management. The results exceeded expectations and were backed with data. What surprised me the most was the personal care and passion, it felt like we were all co-owners of the product. Did Bammboo realize growth? Absolutely! The conversion rate skyrocketed and the costs decreased.

Esther BennenbroekGrowth Consultant - Before You Leave