BloomlanD is an online platform to bring flower breeders and florists together. The idea of this scale-up is to provide florists with the newest offers from almost all flower breeders. This way, florists can buy directly and fresh from the breeder, and therefore trade faster and at better rates. For the flower breeder, the platform is an excellent way to present their business and to communicate directly with their customers. A win-win, so to speak. The platform was already up and running, but the results lagged behind. In order to generate growth, BloomlanD called in Bammboo’s expertise.


Initially, Bammboo was asked to help BloomlanD realize a Product-Market-Fit and growth. In order to locate the most growth potential, we had conversations with (former) customers who came from the existing network of florists and flower breeders. We discovered that something else was actually needed before actual growth could be realized: the proposition – including the revenue model – and the platform were very much in need of renewal.

However, it wasn’t just about a few small parts: an entirely new design was needed to meet the wishes of the end user. That is why we adapted our plan: we delivered a new UX design, validated it with the target group and called in our development partner to build the new platform for BloomlanD. Bammboo would not only be responsible for the first part of the marketing funnel – awakening the interest of the target group (awareness) up until registration on the platform (activation) – but also for the parts where most marketing companies are not involved anymore: the onboarding and retention elements.


The collaboration with the BloomlanD team lasted nine months in total.
In order to validate, improve and relaunch an existing product, we divided the project into three phases:

A. Research and Validation
B. Launch
C. Onboarding

In the Research and Validation phase, we did qualitative and quantitative research, such as the interviews with users and former users of the platform and a study into the position of BloomlanD on the market. At the end of this phase, we had a clear idea of what needed to be done to get closer to a Product-Market-Fit and made a plan of action.

During the preparations for the Launch, we started thinking out a logical funnel, sketching out the UX design and started building the new platform together with our webdeveloping partners from Thrive. In this phase we also did research for a new revenue model, using existing customer data and market research. Of course, in preparation for the launch we also had to have qualitative content on the various channels. So among other things, we created blogs, an infographic, social media messages which included visuals and wrote e-mail flows.

In the final phase, we focused on the Onboarding. We linked Intercom to the platform, for which we also wrote e-mailflows in order to steer the onboarding in the right direction. We also carried out an experiment to test the improvements and hypotheses. This involved a test campaign to estimate how many new users would arrive at the renewed proposition and the renewed platform. We could also follow how they would experience onboarding on the renewed platform, without the platform having actually been launched. We were then able to take the lessons we learned from this test campaign into the actual launch. It gave us a lot of information about the channels we used, the personas and proposition.


During this project, we delivered the following elements:

  • A proposal for a renewed UX design for the platform
  • A renewed platform (website) in collaboration with web developers from our partner Thrive
  • Facebook advertising campaigns and experiments, including monitoring and optimization
  • A lead magnet: the margin calculator
  • Landing pages that visitors come to after the advertisements and e-mail campaign
  • The design of a renewed marketing funnel
  • An onboarding flow and chat function via Intercom
  • Content in the form of blogs about flower breeders and products, visuals for the website, social media and e-mail templates
  • Templates and complete social media messages.

Key tools

To be able to follow leads and users throughout the Customer Journey and to provide service, we chose to integrate Intercom into the website and the platform. We continued to work this out throughout the sprints. With a deeper integration of the system, setting up the e-mail flows and creating segments.

Margin calculator
We have used this tool in the advertisements. It allows florists to immediately calculate how much it saves them in costs to buy flowers via BloomlanD. This considerably increases the chance that new users will register.


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Customer & Product Validation




Growth Hacking

user growth in 1.5 months
4% against the benchmark
growth in leads
chat conversations in Intercom

It was a great collaboration, and together we managed to create a concrete plan in a short space of time. With a clear structure and goal, together we made a start to increase the awareness of our platform and to connect users.

During this process, we listened to interested parties and users, and sharpened the proposition together. This clearly shows the decisiveness and added value of the various expertises at Bammboo. Although reality - as always - requires flexibility, the structure remains in place and we have taken great steps forward.

Ivo KlaassensGrowth Manager / Product Owner BloomlanD

... We realised an effective campaign via social media, as well as landing pages, direct mails and customer visits. We achieved a lot of results with the Facebook campaigns. Even with a limited budget, we reached a large part of the target group. In addition, the deployment of Intercom was of great value. This tool allows us to easily get in direct contact with visitors. With Intercom, we can follow behaviour and respond to it. For example, we can automate communication. This is therefore efficient and effective.

Ivo KlaassensGrowth Manager / Product Owner BloomlanD