Let it Grow is an initiative of Flora Holland. The Let it Grow Lab facilitates entrepreneurs and innovators who are working on new businesses or projects with plans and flowers by offering them the tools to develop their ideas. For the incubation program of 2017 and 2018, BAMMBOO was asked to provide teams with the mindset and skills to validate their businesses at an early stage.

All teams work on making cities more green, through usage of plants and flowers. LivingLight, Sprinklr, Bloombox Club, BloemenStorm and many others have successfully finished the program.


Pretty much all of the startups are beginners in online marketing. Most of them didn’t even have Google Analytics turned on a month ago. Most teams do have a desire to develop a Growth mindset and several skills. The challenge of this project is that not all of the startups are in the same stage of development… Whereas some are still forming ideas, others are ready to launch their product.

This brings enough challenges to keep it relevant and inspiring for all participants.


To get the startup teams into lean marketing and a growth mindset as soon as possible we have made the program to be hands-on. Plenary workshops and 1-on-1 coaching are exchanged weekly. Participants were put to work with the tools directly, so they could learn how to implement their newfound skills.

During the sessions we have gone through several themes such as: experiment design, analytics software, web scraping, usability testing, website tracking, landing page optimisation, etc


The entrepreneurs and startup teams have learned the basic skills and knowledge to run data-driven marketing campaigns. Their mindset has been developed to reach out to their target audience sooner, with the goal of finding out if their proposition has a market fit.

For the fast growers there was also a possibility to get us to help them for several more weeks, to guide them in running and monitoring their campaigns.

Hands-on work as Growth Architect


Training and workshops


Individual coaching

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“These lessons have changed my look on the world. I did not know how much was possible in the world of websites, targeting etc. Especially to know current developments – and to keep up with them… Besides that, these guys are very knowledgeable and sympathetic.”

Eva van der VeldeLiving Light

“Practical and immediately usable. During the session, I could not wait to get started – my hands were itching to get started. Inspiring.”

Suzanne van StraatenFounder Sprinklr