Friday is an e-commerce startup in the online cosmetics market, which is a very competitive market. The startup consists of a small team, with limited knowledge of online marketing. The baseline for marketing processes and analytics had to be determined from scratch.


How do we add more experience to the product? Determine whether the product is “viable” enough. Investigate which channels are most relevant. How can we reduce the acquisition costs? How can we optimise the Customer Lifetime Value? Which results and insights are needed to make Friday attractive as a business case for potential follow-up investors?


For the period of one year, a Growth Architect from Bammboo has provided support to the core team. In getting up the new marketing team together, we have played an active role in recruitment, selection, and on boarding. In the first phase, validating the proposition was priority number 1. From qualitative conversations at events to continuous surveys after the ordering process about why users stop, pause or continue. We have conducted various A/B tests on the website. As a campaign manager, we have realised optimisations within Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram. As a result, we have set up a clear content strategy in order to obtain higher engagement levels within the community. An example of this is a series of video tutorials in order to make the concept easier and more inspiring. This creation was initiated and produced by us.


We have put together a team in order to perform experiments scalable. A growth process has been set up and the team knows how to monitor and develop it. Marketing automation has been implemented and ensures a good relationship with new customers. By optimising continuously we have at least doubled the conversion rate and we have been able to lower the CPA.

Furthermore, we have developed a framework and playbook for SEO, which the team can use autonomously.

Hands-on activities Growth Architects


Value proposition design


Campagne Management

Reduction in acquisition costs
Conversion Rate
Marketing team members
Open Rate Email Drip campaign

“Inspiring, transferring knowledge of the process and tools, enthusiasm. A pleasant strategic sparring partner.”

Maurits van Dedem Founder & CEO Friday Cosmetics