Heppee is a social enterprise that believes that real attention is the most important thing for children to feel safe and loved. For this reason, Heppee has developed a Parent and Child app that makes the lives of children and their divorced parents easier and more fun, by helping them with planning and communication.

Heppee was one of the winners of the Mobile for Goods Accelerator program of the Vodafone Foundation. After this program, Heppee received a lot of attention in the media (TV, radio, and newspapers). Very awesome. But this came too early because there was no product in the app stores yet… Many questions and interest in the product, but we were not yet able to deliver. Now what?


So publicity and interest, but no product to offer. How do you deal with that? And that in the context that Heppee still was an early stage startup at that time with a small team and with (then) limited knowledge of growth marketing. In fact, Heppee had two major challenges:

  1. How do we convert the momentum of attention and demand from the market into future users who can bring patience and remain involved?
  2. How can we use these future users in the development and validation of the product, the Heppee app?

A Growth Architect from BAMMBOO provided support to the core team for six months. In the first phase, the focus was on the validation of the proposition. In this way, we ensured that we entered into a dialogue with potential users and experts from the market. With valuable insights, we have built a community to test the product at an early stage. So we also learned better from their needs and therefore also knew how to target other potential users. Furthermore, BAMMBOO ensured that the high quantity of available content was optimized for the search engines. Much of this content was provided by guest bloggers who wanted to contribute with content. This involvement from within the community was also the prelude to the so-called “I Love Heppee” referral campaign.

Finally, as campaign manager, we have realized many optimizations within Facebook.


BAMMBOO has helped Heppee in various areas. Due to a tight SEO policy, Heppee is very well represented in search engines. And so the “I Love Heppee” referral campaign ensured that a large and relevant intermediary network has acted for Heppee; via a button on their site and the active use of their (social) networks. To this day, this provides a large (free) customer base for Heppee.

As a campaign manager, we have not only significantly reduced the acquisition costs for our own campaigns. This also served as a prelude to the official launch of the app.

With this app, Heppee realized a lot of reach and conversion via its social media through its partners Vodafone and Samsung.

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Reduction in acquisition costs
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"A nice and cooperative team that has helped with our acquisition and activation problems!"

Sabrina de Vries Co-Founder & Customer Development Heppee

“We as Innoleaps are extremely proud of the team and the app and we like to support Heppee wherever possible.”

Andre KnolPartner Innoleaps