Within Info Support, we have located our research and development activities related to Artificial Intelligence in a department within the organization. The department is a start-up within the company. As a software consultancy company, we have decades of experience with software development in general and have been active for years in the field of predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Now that Artificial Intelligence is getting a higher adoption rate in the market, we want to put clear propositions in the market.


One of the challenges is to gain awareness in the field of artificial intelligence. They are a well-respected software company in The Netherlands, but the association with artificial intelligence has not yet been created on the market. Another challenge is to establish a clear starting proposition, i.e. how and where you start as a company with artificial intelligence. Many companies want to work with artificial intelligence, but do not know where to start. Info Support can help these companies by giving them a targeted kickstart. But how do they ensure that companies actually start?


Through Growth Hacking we have started to build up both the association in the field of artificial intelligence and the setting up of the propositions. BAMMBOO has helped Info Support in drafting their goals and KPIs. Based on this, a plan has been made to achieve these goals. Together we have given shape to the activities, such as writing ads and developing the website.

An important part of the starting proposition is their workshop ‘How to start with AI today’, which is supported by their AI Experiment Canvas. By asking the why question, what do you want to achieve, how do you approach the people, the proposition has been improved step by step. Such that we have clear guidelines in the way of communicating and offering our services.


We have trained the A(I) team and established a Growth process to conduct scalable experiments together with us. During the process, we also designed and tested a new house style and assets (logo, canvas, presentations, hand-outs, email templates, banners and web design) in order to build an association with the Info Support brand. Once this has been done, we have generated traffic with various lead magnets through various advertisements (Adwords, DoubleClick, Twitter and LinkedIn) and landing pages. With the aim to get in touch and gather insights. Be it through downloads from the AI Canvas & Guide, free consults or participation in their AI workshops during major events where IT Info Support sponsorship was involved. After these campaigns and events, many learnings were gathered and insights were collected with which the propositions where sharpened. Which we have been able to implement in both the marketing communications and the sales kit.

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Value Proposition design & branding

Propositions made clear
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"The clear approach of Bammboo has ensured that we worked towards our goal in a focused way. We have sharpened our proposition and given our growth a boost."

Joop SnijderHead of Research Center AI, Info Support

“The approach is very appealing to me. Good knowledge and clear explanations. I was excited by the inspiration, the knowledge of the process and the transfer of the tools. And it's nice that you do not have a 9-5 mentality. Keep it up!”

Willem MeintsAI Specialist & Technical Evangelist at Info Support