For the various regions of the Rabobank (South and Central part of The Netherlands), Rabobank employees and teams had the opportunity to participate in an innovation program in which they could apply all the tricks of the lean startup and growth hacking to their own business idea. The best ideas could even obtain (internal) funding and participation in a more intensive program. The innovation program aimed to move from an idea to a validated concept within 8 weeks. Halfway through this process, Bammboo had the responsibility of converting the concepts into something tangible…


How do you build a (corporate) startup based on lean principles? What’s more: finishing in a very short period… In other words: innovation in a pressure cooker.

With the help of a limited advertisement budget, a box of online marketing tools and the guidance of a growth hacker/architect, the teams got the chance to show whether they could make a Minimal Desirable Product of their idea. In just one day!


In 2 days we have launched 17 unique mini-companies with various teams. Based on these internal business ideas, in the morning we refined the value proposition, designed logos & visuals and wrote texts – both for the site and for various advertisements.

In the afternoon, we built landing pages, put advertising campaigns live and ensured that everything on these websites could be properly measured. The following week, teams were able to monitor and optimize their campaigns. We were also involved in this.


  • 2 Internal funding projects in accelerator;
  • Hundreds of applications with a small budget;
  • From idea to product in 1 day;
  • Mindset created: “Imagine if you had not tested this; how much money would you have wasted…”;
  • Experience for the participants who gained a feeling for how to get to data in a sprint from an idea. By experiencing it yourselves.

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Teams who raised fund
Rabobank team

Good explanation of everything and he was relaxed

Lissy KemenaMarketing Manager

What is good is the application of a bit of theory and a lot of practice. This increases the learning effect and applicability. Therefore, it provides good insights into how you can work out an idea yourself. You also learn to understand how startups work. (The world cannot be planned from A to B as bankers think when prognoses are asked for everything :-)).

Bart VanwerschManager MKB Rabobank Parkstad Limburg

Although it was a full program, and several participants had to be helped by one supervisor, everyone remained calm and the atmosphere was pleasant. Cool to actually deliver a website including advertising in just 1 day.

Jennifer WillemsTrainee

Very involved and thinking along with us through the program.

Koen BoomsmaProject Manager