The ARAG service center receives significantly more phone calls and claims about online purchases that are incorrect or not delivered annually in November and December. The service center often cannot help these customers because the insurance coverage does not allow this. Nevertheless, ARAG wants to help these customers and offers advice and sample letters so that the customer can solve the problem himself (as far as possible). At the same time, the number of online purchases and parcel shipments are increasing, and with it the number of complaints about parcel deliverers.


ARAG has a lot of knowledge about the market and would like to make it shareable. That is why ARAG transforms into a smart insurance partner. For this, they initiated the Legal Tech Studio.

Knowing that Holiday season (Sinterklaas and Christmas) are coming, ARAG has started a Conversational Chatbot to improve its online service. It is accessible to anyone who has a problem with an online purchase. By better understanding what the requests for help are, we can set up more automated chat flows.


Certain assumptions in this regard are:

Do private individuals want to discuss these kinds of problems online with ARAG during the holidays?

Can they help people in this (read: chat service) way?

Does the increase in incorrect parcel deliveries also mean more requests for help around this theme?


Our hypothesis was, therefore:

We believe that …

people with online purchasing issues are looking for real answers to their questions. And that leading to a chat service offers a suitable solution.


We are right if …

> 50% of the started chat conversations lead to an outcome. We will test this within 8 weeks.

We ran various validation experiments on the basis of 1) Design Sprint and 2) Growth Sprints. We tested the hypothesis by means of Push and Pull ads (Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads) that are led to landing pages.


The Facebook Ads were aimed at different ad groups according to proposition, demographics, interests, gender and age. The funnel was aimed at:

  1. A) Directly to the chat service via Facebook Messenger
  2. B) landing pages


In collaboration with the ARAG team, we manually dissected the chatbot conversations in order to ultimately filter which themes are generic or specific. With which we also optimize the chat flows. In the second sprint, we asked participants to complete a survey in order to better indicate the value of the service.

The two sprints with ARAG resulted in a well-organized basis and good tracking. In addition, insight has been gained into what the Value Proposition of Recht op mijn Pakket is. Furthermore, all relevant aspects of the landing page have been revised and optimized in terms of UX and content.

If we look at the data, we have learned that mainly women (25-64 years) are the most dominant target group. We also learned that different keywords are the most effective and have resulted in the highest conversion rates. And that pull marketing turned out to be the most effective tactic.

Furthermore, good insights have been obtained about how the chat is used. Which topics (for example: online purchases vs package) are used, what the average duration of the chats are, et cetera. This has led to several ideas for follow-up experiments to validate Product Market Fit, research partnerships and test a new Business Model Fit.


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"Bammboo's Growth Architects are both creative and strategic. They proactively participate in the development and positioning of various concepts. With their executive power and expertise, we were able to validate two propositions in one month".

Wendy PersoonInnovatie Manager at ARAG Legal Tech Studio

"In particular, the structure of their Growth Canvas helped us set clear goals and set up the funnels. We now use their structure for other projects as well and the canvas hangs here in the confused room :)"

Douwe WesterHead of Venture Collaboration & Growth - Legal Tech Studio at ARAG Legal aid