Swivle – an initiative from Woodwing Software – offers a user-friendly and beautifully designed Data Asset Management (DAM) solution for all kinds of creative professionals who want to share digital assets with their teams, colleagues, customers and other stakeholders. Swivle has been on the market for a while now and grows rapidly, but they have the ambition to grow even further and help even more people with their user-friendly DAM solution. But, how can you really claim your position in the market, how do you really bring out your distinctive character and how do you take on the ‘big players’ in the field? A year ago Swivle approached BAMMBOO with these and other issues.


Swivle’s highest goal is to help as many professionals as possible by allowing them to experience the benefits of their DAM solution. For Swivle this means more trials and more regular users. Before they can achieve that goal, they first needed to validate their customer and needed to discover what their value proposition is. BAMMBOO helped Swivle by means of optimizations and experimentation.


Starting the trajectory, a Growth Audit was executed for Swivle, this to set a baseline for Swivle. With this Growth Audit (developed by BAMMBOO) all sorts of technical insights were obtained. The Growth Audit gives insights and a score on SEO, SEA, Marketing Automation, Content, Proposition, Funnel etc. After performing the Growth Audit, we did a Growth Model Template (GMT) strategic session. During this session we got to know Swivle even better. We formulated and defined the North Star metric, Value Proposition and Persona(s). We looked at the channels and the visibility of Swivle. All this to determine further growth opportunities for Swivle. Based on these insights we re-designed the website. Furthermore, the Marketing Automation flows have been optimized, the Google Ads campaigns have been optimized and we executed several experiments. Experiments on proposition and persona level, but also experiments on channel level.


During this trajectory we managed to lower the Cost per Trial with over 50%. We also managed to increase impressions by 64,3% and increased the clicks with 34,2%. All within the Google Ads Campaigns.

By optimizing the homepage, we managed to deliver a significant better performing homepage. Besides that, we optimized the Linkedin campaigns, and managed to increase in Cost per Trial with 60%. All of these optimizations and experiments ultimately resulted into significant improvements and growth for Swivle.

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Product Validation


Growth Strategy


Hands-on proceedings Growth Architects

Increase in traffic
Less Cost per Trial
Lead magnets created
Increase in trials

Highly recommended! Skilful agency, and great people as well!

Joost PlasProduct Owner Swivle