TimeChimp offers organizations a SaaS solution that makes registering hours, journeys and expenses simple. Their solution is now being used by 15,000 organizations.


TimeChimp prepared for scaling and internationalizing their platform. A better version of the service was built so that optimization of the existing platform was not a priority. To to scale up, it was necessary that the team was prepared and ready for growth. For this, the value proposition had to be clear, the customer focus should be determined and the entire marketing funnel had to be made measurable.

The process started with a strategic session. The focus during this session was to map TimeChimp in the area of ​​Marketing / Growth Hacking. In addition, the TimeChimp marketing team wanted to map the customer journey of their most ideal (read: most profitable) customer in order to optimize their marketing communications. After brainstorming the ideas and prioritizing these ideas, we decided to focus on two primary components: validating the most ideal client and setting up a referral program.

The first experiments were therefore aimed at validating “Joris”, our ideal customer. We have set out a quantitative questionnaire as well as a number of customers within this target group. With the insights we then built landing pages and set up Linkedin campaigns.

From the data it became clear that the “churn” at Timechimp was low. In other words, once companies become customers, they will stay that way. During the customer survey we validated while “Joris” was validated, each customer advised TimeChimp at other companies. Reason enough to focus on the implementation of a referral program. With different contact moments – via e-mail and in the application itself – we tried to activate customers to nominate fellow entrepreneurs as potential customers. With success, because in a few weeks 21 trials started and 6 companies also became customers!


An important wish from TimeChimp was to master the Growth Hacking process. This means the proces of devising, prioritizing, implementing, monitoring and retrieving. The marketing team within TimeChimp has mastered this process during our collaboration, and (jealously effective) designed it in Asana.


With sort term plans on internationalization. Timechimp wil give focus to the implementation of a validation process where the marketing team can quickly identify each new target group. This too has been done successfully. Finally TimeChimp set up an “evergreen” referral program, from which 21 trials and 6 new customers have already appeared during the process, and will also bring many new customers in the coming years! All in all, a collaborationthat Bammboo is proud of!



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"Bammboo is our go-to party, the moment we have issues about growth strategies of needing a helicopter view or neutral reflection."

Joël van der ZandeGrowth Marketer at Timechimp