Yo is an Israeli startup in do-it-yourself testing for male fertility.

By means of a small device that can be attached to a smartphone, men can test their sperm and watch a live video of their own sperm cells. Yo participated in the Philips Healthworks Accelerator Program.


The device and the app are finished but the right target group was not found yet. After interviewing the target group, the assumption was made that not men but women are the buyers of the product. A second assumption was that linking the Yo test with an ovulation test for women is more attractive for couples than offering a stand-alone proposition. Yo was seeking support for choosing the direction for further product development and finding the first customers.


To validate this assumption, we designed 4 different types of offerings for the proposition within a week and built a landing page for this. We have set up ads through social advertising channels targeting all US states. A total of 192 different advertisements were made. The landing pages were focused on obtaining contact details and making pre-registrations for receiving the device and the app.


By doing this experiment, there is enough knowledge that can be built on. The team now knows which American states, interests and target groups have the best conversion rate. Key learning: linking the device to an ovulation resulted in a test three times better conversion rate than offering a stand-alone device. With this research, the choice was made to also develop an ovulation test & app.

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“The great thing about working with Bammboo is that they both LISTEN to and VERIFY with you each step of the process to make sure they are meeting your expected goals. Their final product, the way they present meaningful information, is first rate. We enjoyed the process, felt that we learned a lot and, of course, we received great value. They had only a few days to get the project up and running and 7 days to both run it and analyze the results. They met EVERY deadline with a very high level of performance and professionalism. Exceptional!”

Marcia DeutschCEO of Yo & CEO of Medical Electronics Systems