Young Capital is an innovative employment agency that helps the new generation on its way by offering challenging jobs and traineeships. There is now a workforce of 700 people and the company is continuously growing. For the Digital Marketing traineeship, Young Capital was looking for a suitable partner in 2017 to shape and complete the entire training program. In 2018 the Marketing Intelligence program has been added. Both programs reinforce each other and ensure that the young professionals of tomorrow find a connection with the market demand.


How do we build an online marketing traineeship that is as complete and attractive as possible and that optimally meets the needs and trends of the market? How do we get, and keep the trainees engaged and how do we organise this traineeship?


At the start of our cooperation, we tested the demand and needs from Young Capital. In addition, we have mapped out the pain points, so that we can ask ourselves where is the knowledge gap and how do we respond to it? Based on these insights, we have developed a program of 1.5 years. We strongly believe in Blended Learning; learning by dealing with the material in different ways, online challenges, kick-ass presentations, hands-on assignments and clear canvases, cheat sheets and handouts. A healthy balance between content and experience ensures that the students leave the training with a lot of knowledge, experience, and a smile. The bottom line of the program is based on a concrete case from Young Capital itself. So we hit two birds with one stone. A win-win for both parties. In addition, the trainees are supervised throughout the entire process. We do this through coaching sessions, interim moments, return days and a community.


Bammboo has set up a complete Online Marketing and Growth hacking Bootcamp program consisting of 10 training sessions, an energetic kickoff, and a demo day. In addition, there is an extensive Deepdive program, consisting of 12 training sessions on relevant themes which seeks a connection with the current market demands.

All materials, including handouts, cheat sheets, templates, online challenges and dashboards are developed by Bammboo. Bammboo also provides the coaching and interim moments. The practical case provides valuable insights for the various business-line managers and the marketing department of Young Capital.

For the Marketing Intelligence traineeship, we are now working hard on another exciting training program with new themes such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data! The first groups start in March!

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“Young, flexible company that can adapt to new situations quickly.
Strong and creative with solutions!”

Rogier van DriezumProgram Manager Digital Professionals Young Capital

"During my Marketing Intelligence Bootcamp from Bammboo, I learned a lot in a relatively short time frame. The training courses are clear, concise and are given with passion and enthusiasm. Definitely recommended for those who wish to specialize in the field of MI / Growth Hacking."

Dounya GoumeriTrainee Young Capital