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Growth Hacking Training Program

2 - 4 week hands-on and case based training trajectory

In this tailor made bootcamp, we teach you the Why and How of Growth Hacking. Thereafter, we will apply the tools and tactics to a real-time case and embed the process of rapid experimentation within your organization.



We start bij doing a thorough intake and growth audit, this so we really get to know you and know how to make a difference for you.


Based on the outcome of our Growth Audit, your trainer will tailor make your training program. This means the focus can differ, depending on your questions and goals. Our training program’s guarantee to be surprising, energetic, interactive, hands-on and loaded with the latest work methods, tools and skills.


Together we will execute several experiments and learn your team how they can continue doing this in the future. Depending on your wishes, your trainer can come to you or you are more than welcome to come to our training studio.


We never leave you empty handed. After the training trajectory, we make sure you get the information and push to start implementing all that you’ve just learned! After the training trajectory your trainer will make an visual report, this report will contain all the information, optimizations from the growth audit, tools*, tactics*, roadmap*, experiments* (*depends on trajectory) you need to take the next step.


Now it’s up to you! But your trainer, and the rest of our team, are more than happy to help you optimizing your brand or executing your next experiments! We’ve got all the skills and knowledge needed.


Learn all the principles you need to know and get guidance by working on a case with us!


  • Getting new mindset (that of the future Growth Marketer)
  • Building new skills
  • Implementing new skills
  • Tooling
  • Strategy development
  • Learnings
  • Go-to-Market Plan
  • Experiment Design, setup and execution
  • Optimization
  • Implementation guide
  • Roadmap


At the end of the training you will:

Have extensive knowledge of Growth Hacking (Growth Marketing) and know how to use this within your organization.

Know where to first focus in the AAARRR funnel, so that you can use your marketing budget as smart as possible.

Have new skills and mindset and know how to implement this in your business culture.

Have your own Go-to-Market Plan and already started implementing it.

Know how to experiment and execute an experiment (case based) and realized growth or insights for your business.

Be ready for the future and keep on growing!

Bammboo is our go to company where it comes to educating our students at Global School for Entrepreneurship. Our students are all entrepreneurs and are only offered the best of the best knowledge, tricks and tools. Bammboo offers them this time after time. True relevance and practicality. As Dean I strongly recommend Bammboo for Growth Hacking your ideas into revenue generating machines.

Thomas BlekmanStudent Entrepreneur - Global School for Entrepreneurship

“Young, flexible company that can adapt to new situations quickly.
Strong and creative with solutions!”

Rogier van DriezumProgram Manager Digital Professionals Young Capital

Saying that these guys are among the best in the field of growth hacking is an understatement. They helped me tackle problems I didn’t know I had. The last 5 weeks were hectic, but I never achieved so much with my business in such a short time frame. Simply priceless. I’m sure we will work together again in the future.

Paul NizetStudent Entrepreneur - Global School for Entrepreneurship

"During my Marketing Intelligence Bootcamp from Bammboo, I learned a lot in a relatively short time frame. The training courses are clear, concise and are given with passion and enthusiasm. Definitely recommended for those who wish to specialize in the field of MI / Growth Hacking."

Dounya GoumeriTrainee Young Capital


Tell us your biggest growth challenge and we will organize the team you need!


4 hour

Growth Hacking Kickstart

In a highly energetic and inspirational workshop, we introduce you to the world of growth hacking and provide you with the tools that you can start implementing yourself.

From €1.150/session



Crash Course Growth Hacking

In this intensive crash course we learn you to adopt the mindset and process of Growth Hacking.  You and your team will be ready to start Growth Hacking and take your company to the next level.


3+ Months

Growth Hacking Implementation

In our most intensive Growth Hacking program, we will make your team future proof by teaching them about the skills of the future and guiding them in acquiring those skills.

Young Professionals

6+ Months

Growth Hacking Traineeship

In our Traineeship, we prepare young marketing professionals for their future careers. We teach them all about Growth Hacking, Marketing, and several soft skills and help them to figure out where their passion lies.

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