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Young Professionals

Growth Hacking Traineeship

6+ months

In our Traineeship, we prepare young marketing professionals for their future careers. We teach them all about Growth Hacking, Growth Marketing, Strategy, Process and Experiment Design, several soft skills and more. During this traineeship we also help the young professionals to find their true expertise and passion.



Through the years we developed several awesome and distinctive traineeships. We know how to keep the attention of the young professionals and how to always surprise and energize! The combination of the latest work methods, theories, tools and processes ensure the young professionals are prepared for doing great things. We know the new way of working, and we know how to transfer all our knowledge on to the young professionals!


Every traineeship is different, every young professional is different. We are flexible! Together we can build the perfect traineeship that meets all of your and the young professionals needs.


The result: A kick-ass traineeship for the demanding and curious young professional. Our traineeships guarantee to be surprising, energetic, interactive, hands-on and loaded with the latest work methods, tools and skills.


Depending on your wishes, your trainer can come to you or you are more than welcome to come to our training studio.


We complete every traineeship with a Demo Day. On this day the young professionals get to present all of their learnings and case. At the end of the traineeship we can provide the young professional with a Bammboo Certificate of participation. The young professional can use the case for their portfolio, with which they will certainly win over future employers.


  • Getting new mindset (that of the future Growth Marketer)
  • Implementing new mindset
  • Building new skills
  • Implementing new skills
  • Develop T-Shaped profile
  • Tooling
  • Strategy development
  • Learnings
  • Go-to-Market Plan
  • Experiment design, setup and execution
  • Optimization
  • Several Online Marketing skills: Online Advertising (SEA + Social), SEO, UX Design, Data Analysis, MySQL, Content Strategy, Data Visualization and more.

A balance between:

Growth Hacking Process and Design


Practical Online Marketing and Growth Hacking Skills


Learning and Experimentation mindset



At the end of the traineeship the young professional will:

Fully understand what Growth Hacking (Growth Marketing) is and knows how to implement this in his or her work.

Know how to formulate the right strategy for Growth.

Know how to think and act out-of-the-box.

Know how to test and experiment.

Be ready to be part of a Growth Hacking (Growth Marketing) team within start-ups, scale-ups, MKB or corporates.

Know an arsenal of useful Growth Hacking tools and developed a T-shaped profile. The young professional is skilled in SEA, SEO, Social Advertising, Strategy Development, UX Design, Content Strategy, Google Analytics and Tag Manager, and more.

Top company, nice people, good training, useful tools, but above all A RIGHT MINDSET!! An eye-opener and recommended for companies that still work (too) traditionally. For me a confirmation that this is the new (digital) way of working. Who leads the way 😉 ?

Teun HogervorstTrainee Young Capital

I was following a series of super cool and interesting trainings. The difference with Bammboo is that the training sessions are focused on practice. The trainers transfer the knowledge very enthusiastic it can be applied directly in a business.

Sisley de NooijerTrainee Young Capital

4 hour

Growth Hacking Kickstart

In a highly energetic and inspirational workshop, we introduce you to the world of growth hacking and provide you with the tools that you can start implementing yourself.

From €1.150/session



Crash Course Growth Hacking

In this intensive crash course we learn you to adopt the mindset and process of Growth Hacking.  You and your team will be ready to start Growth Hacking and take your company to the next level.


2-4 Weeks

Growth Hacking Training Program

In this tailor made bootcamp, we teach you the Why & How of Growth Hacking. Thereafter, we will apply the tools and tactics to a real-time case and embed the proces of rapid experimentation within your organization.


3+ Months

Growth Hacking Implementation

In our most intensive Growth Hacking program, we will make your team future proof by teaching them about the skills of the future and guiding them in acquiring those skills.

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