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Team member portrait | Rick Beijen

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Rick Beijen






Digital Media & Communication,
Traineeship Marketing Intelligence

Leisure time

Fitness, running, bouldering, cooking, reading, enjoying a good whisky.

Works as Growth Marketer | Data Strategist

Either you work with us and know some of the members of our team, or you came across our website ”by chance”. – Of course, no marketing agency can come by chance – to our website. You may already know how we work and what we do. But how much do you actually know about our team? Who are the faces behind the laptops and what is their vision?

Our data specialist Rick Beijen is the first person we introduce to you.

Why do you work in the marketing field?

What I like about marketing is that it is a constantly changing field of work. In addition, the current techniques make it possible to measure just about anything. This provides an almost instant response to your strategy, which provide you an awful lot of insights from all that data. This makes it very fun and interesting to work with. And last but not least, I love being the man at the control panel, constantly setting up different channels. #nerd.

Why did you choose to work at Bammboo?

Bammboo has trained me during the traineeship of Marketing Intelligence. At that time, I already noticed that the company has a lot of knowledge and that there is a really nice working atmosphere. What I like most about Bammboo is that we are in a team with like-minded people. Everyone is continuously working on self-development and that makes it the ideal workplace.

What do you find the most interesting area of marketing? What is your speciality?

I think I am the biggest data nerd at Bammboo. I always joke around by saying that there is only one person who is delighted when receiving an Excel sheet with a million rows; that would be me. I am generally responsible for all the ‘technical’ stuff. From setting up the tracking in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, to creating lead calculators, onboarding tours and dashboards.

What did you learn at Bammboo?

Apart from learning a lot about the Growth Hacking process and its relation to online marketing, I also developed a lot of skills in training, leading international sessions and working on different projects at the same time. That’s what working at Bamboo makes it so dynamic.

What would you like to learn/what are you currently working on to grow in this profession?

I am developing myself even more in the data-driven aspect, especially the balance between product and market data; because that’s where the gold is hiding, in my opinion. I’m also delving more into no code/low code product development, to learn more about rapid and stable prototyping of (new) ideas.

What are you doing personally when it comes to growth?

I am very concerned with finding a good balance of a ‘healthy’ and fun life. My ultimate goal in life is to feel like I can do anything without feeling restricted, while at the same time being fit, healthy and happy. This starts with forming a good mindset, but is mainly about developing the right habits; something that is quite difficult and takes a lot of time.

What are you grateful for, and what are you most proud of?

I am grateful for the fact that I am healthy, that I can do what I am good at and what I like. I think I am most proud of my development. I graduated two years ago, and now I work with awesome and different big brands as clients (national and international).

What is your advice on growth hacking in your personal life?

Invest in a good relationship with yourself. It sounds crazy, but finding a good work/life balance can be difficult. Call in help of others if necessary, and find ways together in which you can get the most out of yourself and how you can be healthy and happy.

What is on your bucket list?

  • To travel a lot (I sat in an aeroplane for the first time last year).
  • See countries like South Africa, New Zealand, Hawaii, etc.
  • Traveling around Europe in a Volkswagen van.
  • Taking my dad on a fishing trip to Norway.
  • Learning to kitesurf.
  • Seeing the Northern Lights.

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