Context is a start-up in online mortgage advice, a fairly competitive market. The startup consists of an active team of 19 employees. is an outsider in the mortgages market. Without rusted systems, innovative and a little rebellious. Frits provides advice in plain language, is always honest and 100% independent. Sounds logical, right?”


How can we accelerate current growth and expand visibility in other niches? We need a clear content strategy and the team wants to focus on developing new skills. In addition, it is important that we institutionalise a process to ensure that we pay regular attention to the marketing and growth of our platform.


A Growth Architect from Bammboo has given three months of support to the core team. Through workshops, training and weekly coaching for both teams and individuals, the team is ready for growth. The focus of the workshops was on Growth hacking, content strategy, and Marketing Automation.


The team has set up an effective Growth process and manages the skills to monitor and develop this. Marketing automation has been implemented and provides good conversion rates. In addition, they have been able to raise a large investment to support this growth.

Our activities:

Hands-on activities Growth Architect


Training and workshops


Individual coaching

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“Bammboo has helped with a focused and structured approach to ideas. With everything that we have encountered, we were able to turn to them, ranging from simple technical questions to inspiring ideas. It's nice that it initially always involved strategy and not just the tools.”

Joost SchulzeCo-founder