SonoSuite is a B2B SaaS-platform that empowers music businesses worldwide to manage their digital music distribution service.
Among the advantages of using SonoSuite’s white label platform is the flexibility of running your own business model, scale it and adapt it to your own specific needs.


The question was clear: to find out the best way to tell the story of SonoSuite and to reach the target group. There should be answers on questions such as: what exactly is the value proposition? How can we reach the specific target group?

It quickly became clear that the value proposition as described on the website was too complicated. As a result, SonoSuite received a lot of invalid leads and no potential customers. Especially when ads were leading them to the website.

Organic traffic proved itself more valuable. But even referral traffic from organic traffic had not the qualification they were aiming for. We made the assumption that the focus should be on SEO (onsite, link building), inbound marketing and content marketing (webinars, e-books, articles that should offer the target group value) , better landing pages, A/B testing, improving data analytics to measure metrics.
The goal at the beginning of the collaboration with Bammboo was to increase Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) with 150%.

The goals of the collaboration were as followed:

  1. Find out what the best value proposition is to present SonoSuite to the market, to the right audience and through the right channels.
  2. Growing market share: SonoSuite is a B2B SaaS solution for the music industry. Not directly for the artists, but rather for the businesses that help artist’s developments, such as digital distributors, record labels and aggregators.
  3. Support SonoSuite’s in-house marketing team, especially in missing skills: SEO (Content), Analytics and Linkbuilding.

During the first strategic session, it became clear that the story told on the website was not clear. Especially because of the somewhat complicated nature of SonoSuite’s proposition and such market niche within the music industry.

For example, it was not entirely clear that SonoSuite was a B2B service, offering a solution to international distributors, aggregators and record labels – not to artists.

We therefore decided to improve the current website and the way SonoSuite’s story was told. We started with both quantitative and qualitative research to find out why customers had chosen SonoSuite. Furthermore, we also wanted to know what the main advantages were that users experienced when using the tool.

Then we started with some A/B tests on the website, to find out the optimal messaging. In the end, we improved copy and added workflows on the website, and with great success: after the launch of the improved website, we saw a +35% increase in conversions (completed forms) in the following months. To take the results to an even higher level, we decided to focus on improving SEO and offering qualitative content to the target group, in the form of articles and an ebook and a marketing automation workflow.

Phase 1: Website

  • First we’ve had two strategic sessions to find the Value Proposition and fill in the Customer Journey
  • Testing assumptions through quantitative and qualitative research
  • Landing pages for different purposes (home, how it works, features & pricing)
  • Collected data and analyzed it afterwards
  • Multiple A/B tests on the website

Phase 2: Marketing automation + Sales process

  • Proposing and creating the Marketing Automation set up for newsletter sign-ups
  • Inspecting the whole sales process. We updated and improved the forms with additional questions. It did not lead to specific results, but definitely provided good insights.

Phase 3: Content

  • Delivered articles that are relevant to the target group
  • Participated in an important ebook with which SonoSuite is a pioneer within the market niche.
  • Created a landing page and marketing automation for the ebook.

During this project, we delivered the following elements:

  • New website (35% increase in conversion via website)
  • Dashboard that is used by SonoSuite every day! 
  • Marketing automation for the ebook campaign
  • Landing page for the e-book
  • Weekly highly engaging content

  • Google Optimize
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio
  • Mailchimp
  • Instapage

Customer & Product Validation




Growth Hacking

% more leads
logo of sonosuite

Your [BMB] expertise helped us to see our brand from the outside and to improve it from the inside!
Implementing growth hacking techniques has made a significant difference to our business. We feel pioneers to do so as A B2B SaaS platform within the music-tech industry. We’ve seen a delightful +35% increase in conversions on our website and more engagement on every digital channel. Offering a user-centric experience on our web is key to expand our brand, improve our service and help music businesses worldwide to find the technological solution to their needs.”

Grazia Carlone