Compact Solar is a Dutch startup in lightweight and invisible solar panels.

Compact Solar offers an aesthetic alternative to the large standard solar panels. By using smaller solar panels, each flat roof can be filled flexibly and the available space is optimally used.


The solar panels had already been produced and shipped to the Netherlands, but the right target group(s) and sales channel(s) had not yet been found. Thus far, the team did not have the multidisciplinary skills to grow autonomously. Moreover, the knowledge of online (growth) marketing was small.

There were no benchmarks on which we could elaborate, there were no data available and even no website to analyze the funnel’s setup.


After a growth sprint, during which we worked from context to a concrete plan in one week, a clear picture of the entire situation emerged. We also made assumptions about where opportunities could be available.

We have validated our assumptions through many short and quick experiments. We also tried to identify the client of Compact Solar, where he/she is located, how we can best reach them and with which message at what time.


More than 150 leads were realized in the first three months of the validation phase. Benchmarks were created and optimized within each step of the funnel. By using both soft and hard data the almost perfect buyer-persona was drawn up.

Now, Compact Solar is a viable company with a steady revenue to grow and scale up to the next level. And we have not even used the full potential yet, which is promising stuff for the future!

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“The approach really appeals to me. Good knowledge and a clear explanation. I became enthusiastic because of the inspiration, the knowledge of the process and the tool transferring. And it's nice that you don’t have a 9-to-5 mentality. Keep it up!”

Rolf HuibertsCo-founder | Head of Tech

"The clear approach of Bammboo has ensured a focused approach to our goal. We have sharpened our proposition and boosted our growth."

Hans Keller Co-founder - Marketing Lead